About Us


Aqua Conditioners LLP is managed by a team of professionals headed by Mr. Pratik Shah and Mr. Premal Shah who have more than three decades of expertise in manufacturing and providing industrial solutions across verticals. Aqua Conditioners LLP has been formed to assist Indian Enterprises and Individuals to benefit from latest technology and overcome the problems caused of hard water.

Manufactured in Australia

Aqua Conditioners manufactures all its products in Australia using proprietory technology, which is well tested and used by industries and homes, since 1983. Our products are manufactured using a technologically advanced manufacturing and servicing facility to provide customers with the best equipment at the best possible price. Each Aqua Conditioner goes through stringent quality checks before it is packaged and distributed. Thus once installed there are no worries about the unit failing or needing maintenance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help solve hard water problems through ecofriendly products in homes, business, and industrial applications by providing sales, service and installation of household, commercial and industrial applications of Aqua conditioners. Thus contributing to reduction of carbon footprint of homes and organizaitons in India, taking small but substantial steps towards contribution to greenhouse effect.