Bore Water Softener

Bore water, or well water as it is known in the United States, is rain water that accumulates underground and is drawn up by a pump for household and agricultural use. Because it tends to have very high mineral content, it is usually significantly harder than surface water. Common minerals found in bore water include manganese, iron, and calcium. In addition to accumulating in your pipes and potentially corroding them, these minerals are capable of staining your tile, your bathroom fixtures and anything you throw in your washing machine.

A great way to minimize the effect of bore water on your home’s pipes and bathroom fixtures, is to use a water conditioning system like Aqua Conditioners . Aqua Conditioners Water Softener will soften the water and prevent the minerals from accumulating in your pipes as scale.

Iron in water is typical in bores & wells

It will also remove scale that has already accumulated and therefore lower your energy bill by allowing the water to move through your pipes and appliances more efficiently. Aqua Conditioners Water Softener is easy to install even on bores and wells, and in most cases, no digging is required for installation.

Though Aqua Conditioners Water Softener is a wonderful solution for hard bore water, even after installation you should continue to have your bore water tested regularly. Bore water may get contaminated with bacteria like e. coli and other dangerous chemicals like nitrate, arsenic, and fluoride making it unsafe to drink, to cook with, or to bathe in.