Hospital Laundry

In hospitals there are lots of standards, rules and regulations to conform to. There are standards for laundry practice and infection control. The hospital laundry system relies on washing machines and the dryers to work every day, with little maintenance and no breakdowns.


Hard Water Problems

The concentration of hard water minerals in the water causes considerable scale build up which in turn can cause equipment damage:

  • The washing machine elements were being replaced at least twice each year. Each time elements are changed the cost is incurred.
  • The washing drum inside the machines gets covered with calcium and the glass doors could also be caked in calcium residue.
  • The hot water system heating elements require replacements every 3-6 months.
  • Periodic equipment replacement costs, maintenance and labor costs spiral out of control


Hard water solutions for laundry

The Solution

  • The hard water solution for laundry is a simple solution – just install a couple of Aqua Conditioners into the water line. This means that all the water going into both the hot water system and the washing machines was soft water.
  • Therefore no more large hard water minerals to form scale build up in the pipes, elements or machines. No more calcium scum on the inside of the drums or glass.
  • Best of all no more maintenance or replacement issues!