Improve Potted Plant Growth

Aqua Conditioners can do many great things for your home. It can save you money by elongating the working life of your appliances and improving their efficiency. It can also eliminate cloudy glassware and prevent the staining of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Plus, installing a Aqua Conditioners water conditioning system will help keep your laundry looking brighter longer while at the same time requiring you to use less soap. If you’re already familiar with the advantages of softening your water, the previously mentioned benefits of using Aqua Conditioners are probably not surprising. What might surprise you, however, is that softening your water with an easy installable Aqua Conditioners water conditioner can have an impact outside of your home as well.

Conditioned water encourages root growth (on left)

Hard water is not only tough on appliances, it can be unhealthy to consume and may also prevent the proper growth of plants. In some instances when its mineral content is especially high, potted plants have been killed simply because they were watered. The calcium and magnesium carbonate in hard water combine to create limestone, a mineral that is harmful to all plants and especially harmful to potted plants. To be sure that your plants aren’t being threatened by lime in your home’s water supply, choose Aqua Conditioners to soften your water.

Though some scientists will tell you that you shouldn’t water your plants with softened water because it has a high salt content, Aqua Conditioners is uniquely engineered to soften your water without the use of salt or other chemicals. In fact, a Aqua Conditioners water conditioning system doesn’t add anything to your water at all. Therefore, it is the safest way to soften your water and ensure your plants are being taken care of properly.