Energy bills getting bigger?

Hot water not so good any more?

Evaporative cooler struggling?

It's a moment every homeowner dreads - those unexpected breakdowns of major household appliances and equipment.In most cases, it means huge costs and stress at the most inconvenient times. As the biggest cause of premature wear and malfunction for any water - using appliance, hard water will eventually become your worse nightmare!

There is an easy solution...Aqua Conditioners will ensure you eliminate hard water damage, for ever!

Aqua Conditioners are the best insurance policy you can have for your major appliances and equipments including...

  • Hot Water Systems (Gas, Electic, Solar, Solar Spilt Systems, Hot Water Ring Mains, Heat Pumps)
  • Swimming Pools (Pumps, Chlorinators, Heaters, Filters, Painted Surfaces)
  • Evaporative Airconditioners
  • Commercial & Domestic Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers

Aqua Conditioners deliver exceptional benefits...

  • Significantly increase appliance working life
  • Significantly increase performance and energy efficiency
  • Significantly reduce maintenance levels
  • Softer water for drinking, showering and cleaning
  • Reduce chemical use in swimming pools

Most importantly, you get complete peace of mind knowing that your appliances and equipment are protected from the expensive and often unseen damage caused by hard water.

Eliminate unnecessary replacement & repaire costs forever!