Comparison with other methods

Are you confused choosing the best hard water solution for you? If you thought there were multiple hard water problems well there appear to be even more water softener systems and water conditioners to treat the problem!

But in reality there are scientifically only 3 ways to deal with hard water problems.

  • Catalytic
  • Electromagnetic
  • ION Exchange / Salt Based


Water Softener Reviews That Make Things Clear

There is a lots of type about the qualities of the products sold by water softener companies, but what about the science behind each of the technologies. What are the benefits to you? How does each one stack up? Which type is the safest to the environment and to your family? Which type is the most effective and actually fulfills the promises made in the advertising? Which type provides the most value for money, both in the short term and long term?

These are questions not often addressed so let’s jump in and get some real insight.

(Aqua Conditioners)
Electromagnetic ION Exchange/ Salt Based
Additional costs per year Zero Rs.15000 Rs.20000 - 60000
Needs maintenance No No Yes
Uses salt & chemicals No No Yes
Needs electricity No Yes Yes
Uses magnets No Yes No
Needs filters for drinking No Yes Yes
Good tasting water Yes No NO
Good for skin & hair Yes No No
Healthy minerals retained Yes Yes No
Good for dishes & clothes Yes No Yes
Good for plants & animals Yes No No
Wastes water No No Yes
Slimy feeling on skin No No Yes
Eco-friendly to
Yes Yes No
Lifetime warranty Yes No No
Legal to use in all regions Yes Yes No
Consistent operation Yes No No
Silent operation Yes No No
Reduction in water
No No Yes

The evidence is clear only the Aqua Conditioners are safe, perform as promised and are good value for money.