Green Algae Problem in Pond / Lakes

The Pond

The Algae Problem

With the lakes being both a beautifying element within the pond landscape and necessary water storage for irrigation purposes the over-growth of algae was causing several problems:

  • An increase of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and decrease of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) so the water was unhealthy
  • Lowering of the oxygen levels of the water as it slowly suffocates
  • Inhibiting the growth of wanted water plants by shading them
  • Clogging of the water pumps
  • Dead or dying algae causing odors, and
  • Looking ugly

The problems get exaggerated with higher temperatures and lower than usual rainfall.


Common Algae Controls

  • Chemical control in the form of herbicides and algaecides, copper sulfate and chlorine bleach are methods that have been used in the past but these had undesirable consequences of their own.
  • Using fountains to aerate and mix the water increased normal biological activity, and decreased the algae growth a little.
  • Mechanical removal of the algae was very high on manpower.

The use of non-toxic biological products in lakes and ponds has become very popular recently because it is natural and involves no use of herbicides or algaecides, but this involves an ongoing cost and maintenance. So a non-toxic, all natural alternative with no ongoing cost or maintenance requirements was chosen instead.


The Aqua Conditioners Algae Solution

The solution was a very simple one. Install two ‘Aqua Conditioners’ into the lake as a non-electrical, non-chemical, catalytic water treatment. By treating the water in this process it disassociates the chemical bonds of the heavily mineralised water. This in turn removes the nutrients the algae feeds on and the algae dies – quickly. The algae is then removed from the lake and the true beauty of the natural clear water soon returns.


Well, as you can see, the results speak for themselves. A once heavily polluted lake with algal blooms was returned to pristine condition within a very short period of time. One of the Aqua Conditioners remains in the lake to provide ongoing water treatment.