The Results + Advantages

Nuclei are introduced into the system providing an attractive site for minerals to combine as nano sized colloids which remain in suspension and flow through the system rather than precipitating on pipes and equipment. These subtle changes to the electrical charge of the minerals in water have significant effects on reducing down stream costly hard water problems!

  • Softer, “wetter” water!
  • Reduced hard water problems!
  • Investment in capital equipment is protected!
  • Reduced scaling and corrosion issues!
  • Soaps, detergents and shampoos mix and lather better with softer water!
  • Laundry items feel softer!
  • Swimming pool water is clearer, softer, backwashing is reduced, scum lines are more easily cleaned away, salt water chlorinators work more effectively, there is no scale build up, black spot disappears and chemical usage is reduced!
  • Water with a lower surface tension is more easily absorbed into the ground, reducing surface crust and runoff improving plant and crop health.
  • Able to irrigate with brackish water


Commercial Applications

Commercial appliances will last longer, use less energy and require less maintenance.

Hotels & Institutes Applications

Reduce swimming pool maintenance by preventing and dissolving scale build up and have water that is crystal clear.

Residential Applications

Softwater ensures good health, cost effective & enhances life of fittings & surroundings.

Agriculture Applications

Irrigated crops will thrive, not just survive - even in sub-standard and less water!