Swimming Pools - Stain Removal

Any Pool Maintenance Engineer will tell you how difficult (and expensive) it is to keep everything "just right". It seems like you fix one problem and another one immediately arises.

Many of the issues you experience with your pool are because of hard water. There is an easy solution... installing a Aqua Conditioner on your pool system will save you significant time and money!

If you live in a hard water area (and most everyone does) then you have calcium (and sometimes iron) in your water. This means you will experience scale build up, pool stains, rust scale, algae and cloudy pool water. And if you have those pool problems you will definitely be getting a scale build up in your pool’s pipes that will slowly restrict water flow to and from your pool’s heater and filter that require heavy duty servicing or replacement. Swimming pool problems can become very expensive.

Maintaining the pool water chemistry with just the right combination of chemicals makes you feel like you need a science degree! But one thing that most people don’t understand is that not all water you put into your pool is the same – either from one town to the next or one month to the next. And that’s because water is not pure H2O, it is mixed with mineral salts from the ground that creates hardness in water.


Pool maintenance challenges:

  • Maintaining a constant pH level of the water,
  • Those white patches and black spots on the walls and floor of the pool
  • That white film at the waterline pool tile, and
  • Getting the chemical mix just right so you can have a clear pool and not harm the swimmers!


The Solution:

  • The solution is actually quite simple. (And one the pool supplies store is not going to like at all cause it will mean you spend less with them.) It is always best to treat the cause of the problem rather than deal with all the resulting symptoms. You can change the pool water hardness into soft water when you install a Aqua Conditioners Water Softener. Most people find they can reduce their chemical use dramatically.
  • If you’re worried about how to remove scale from the pool you will find that all that existing scale build up will be gone in no time after your ‘Aqua Conditioners Water Softener’ is installed.


Pool Maintenance Benefits:

  • Softer wetter water to swim in is more comfortable.
  • Swimmers will be swimming in less chemicals and softer water.
  • Swimmers will experience less RED EYE.
  • Use less pool chemicals and maintain better results - saving time & money!
  • Your pool system pipes, pumps, heating elements, filter, salt water chlorinator will run more efficiently and have a much longer life - this not ony saves you time and money today, but well into the future.
  • No more unsightly scale marks on the waterline. Pool water will be cleaner and more sparkling.
  • Paintwork and tiles will need less cleaning and maintenance.
  • Maintenance FREE with no moving parts and it does not use chemicals!

Its like an insurance policy for your swimming pool!.

Easy to install never need replacing

Avoid unnecessary system failure