Point of Use

Showers & Taps

The quality of your water supply could be a major factor affecting not only your bathrooms and pipes but also your hair and skin health.

The shower water you use everyday contains minerals and salts that stick to your body which could be damaging the quality of your hair causing hair thinning, hair fall and frizzy or dry hair along with skin issues like dullness, dryness and rashes.

Aqua Conditioners Shower Range is designed to help you neutralize those harmful elements in your water supply.

Aqua Conditioners Shower Softener
Aqua Conditioners Bathroom Softener

Point of Entry


Along with hair, skin and health issues, scaling & corrosion in your water pipes and lime scale build up in your bathroom fittings are a common indicator of hard water supply in your household.

Aqua Conditioners Bathroom Range are the perfect solution to help mitigate these water issues.

Installing one at the entry point provides softer water for all the outlets in your bathroom.


Point of Entry

Homes & Bungalows

When looking at all the ways that water is supplied into our homes be it a shower or tap in your bathroom, an appliance in the kitchen water outlet,utility area or swimming pool, it can be overwhelming in trying to figure out where or how to select and install a water treatment solution for your home.
Instead of multiple points of use and entry, with Aqua Conditioners you can also consider a whole house model for your entire home! We at Aqua conditioners help provide you with the most cost effective, eco friendly, innovative and efficient solution for all your water softening requirements.

Aqua Conditioners Home Softener

Point of Entry

Societies, Offices and Hotels

For large scale commercial or residential hard water issues, our range of products can help improve the water supply for entire apartments, offices, societies, hospitals or hotels and institutions.
Whether you have water directly from wells or tankers, different water flow rates on different levels, Aqua Conditioners has the solution for it all.

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