Condition Your Water For Better Hair

Why does hair matter?

Each day, we spend time and effort to get ready. We refresh ourselves and dress for the day ahead of us. When we perform these rituals, we do them to present the best possible version of ourselves to the world. This version is the result of our attention to detail – hair, nails, clean shoes and clothes, all add up to make us feel good about ourselves. Such details also leave an impression on the people around us. 

We care for our hair so we can present ourselves well & feel good about ourselves.

A big aspect of how we carry ourselves is our hair. It’s a universal way to express yourself. When healthy, it can help you look good and unique in any room. What happens to how we feel when our hair is in poor health? Hair fall in the shower or hair loss in general is upsetting. It prevents us from expressing ourselves. It prevents us from presenting our best versions. Hard water can be a cause for such hair fall and loss.

How can hard water affect hair quality?

In a 2016 study, 15 women found that washing their hair in hard water found it to be damaged. The study concluded with observable differences in their hair’s thickness levels as well as a particular ruffled appearance. In addition, hard water can lead to an impact on hair in the following ways:

  • Breakage
  • Dry scalp
  • Dullness
  • Friziness
  • Hair loss
  • Tangles & thinning 

Hard minerals stick to one’s hair and scalp, preventing its good care, healthy moisture levels, and weakening it despite strong roots.

Hard water impacts hair because of its mineral content. These ‘hard’ minerals hold the property of sticking to surfaces and forming deposits – including on hair. Such a deposit prevents the hair and scalp from reaching a state of moisture, and leads to dry and frizzy hair as a consequence.

Hard water also makes it easier for hair to break off. Despite a strong root, a build up of ‘hard’ minerals on the scalp keeps it dry and itchy. This makes one’s hair less strong along its length, leading to hair breakage. This happens despite strong roots and hair follicles.

A good hair wash requires generous foam and lather. This happens when water molecules find fatty acids in shampoo or other cleaning agents. However, hard water minerals such as calcium are larger in size and cling to cleaning agents. This prevents foam from forming, and keeps hair wash quality inadequate. It may also leave soap scum residue in your hair and scalp, leading to a dull and frizzy hair. 

How can your own Aqua Conditioner help change the hard water properties before you use it to bathe and shampoo?

Let’s go over what an Aqua Conditioner is. It is a pipe-based hard water solution that attaches to your water supply source, changing hard water into soft. Under the hood is a sophisticated, one-time solution to all your hard water problems. It is an eco-friendly catalyst that carries no maintenance cost, and continues to run without electricity or chemicals. It is a water softener based on cutting-edge alloy technology that converts hard water into soft by coming in contact. In short, it neutralises the hair damaging elements found in hard water.

Aqua Conditioners helps hair in the following ways: 

  1. Lets minerals glide off hair

Soft water from an Aqua Conditioner carries broken down minerals. These minerals now do not carry the capacity to stick to surfaces as they have been treated through alloy technology. This reduced stickiness makes it simpler for them to glide off, keeping your hair light and smooth. 

  1. Keep scalp free of buildup

As these ‘hard’ minerals glide off your hair, they also do not occupy real estate on scalp pores. As a result, your hair can absorb naturally occurring moisture. This prevents scalp dryness. It also keeps the roots of your hair open to absorb nourishment from care. It can help your hair get healthier and fight hair fall and loss.

  1. Better foam absorption & hair wash

The hard minerals found in water reduce in size when passed through an Aqua Conditioner. This reduced size allows them to mix well with water molecules. In turn, you can get a better hair wash as well as foaming and lathering ability from a reduced use of shampoo. Conditioned water increases the ‘wetness’ or effectiveness of water. It can minimise or remove soap residue and keep your hair at its freshest and silkiest. 

To improve your hair, get an Aqua Conditioners system and better your water

After a purchase & straightforward installation, an Aqua Conditioner will improve your home’s water supply and keep it safe for people as well as animals. This applies across commercial and residential setups: think apartment complexes and houses, agricultural or industrial settings. All you need is an Aqua Conditioner model that fits your supply pipe. You can explore how to choose an Aqua Conditioner here.

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