To better your skin, better your water

So, what’s special about skin?

Our layers of skin are actually our largest organ as humans. It envelops and holds our muscles, blood, tissue, and skeleton and other organs together. Skin also serves some other interesting functions – it is commonly one of the first areas to develop symptoms when we have health problems. It is important to care for our skin, since it’s one of the first things people may notice about us. The ritual of caring for one’s skin is an important part of many people’s lives.

Your skin protects your internal organs from harsh external environments, and skin is thinnest on your face.

Typically, people care for their skin with face wash, toner, sunscreen and moisturiser as well as soaps or body washes. These choices are based on their skin type and preferences, the details of their day’s plan, and the part of the day they are in among other factors. The common thread in caring for one’s skin involves washing it. This is where the importance of water comes in – good, soft water will be gentle on your skin and enhance the products. Hard water shall reduce the effectiveness of skincare products.

What is hard water and how can it impact my skin?

High calcium and magnesium levels make water hard as it may contain chalk, gypsum, or limestone. In a study that compiles the impact of hard water, the authors pointed out that children who use hard water increase their risk to develop eczema, a clinical condition for cracked, dry, and itchy skin. Certain studies further indicate that hard water might possibly impact skin by (1): 

  • Reducing skin hydration by minimising natural oils on the skin surface
  • Increase cytokine levels, ie, catalyse a protein that contributes to inflammation
  • Increase skin irritation and redness as an effect

Hard water makes foam, lather, or soap harder to wash off, leading to the likelihood of skin barrier damage.

The pH levels of hard water are lowered by the minerals in it. In turn, this can impact one’s skin and affect how the skin barrier works. Typically, hard water minerals cause heightened calcium and magnesium ions in water. This binds them to foam or lather or soap particles, and makes it harder to rinse them, risking a residue on one’s skin. This residue or ‘scum’ is responsible for damaging the barrier and irritating the skin.

How can your own Aqua Conditioner catalyse hard water to soft water for your skin care routine?

Let’s go over what an Aqua Conditioner is. It is a pipe-based hard water solution attached to your water supply source. Its cutting-edge alloy technology changes hard water into soft. Under the hood is a sophisticated eco-friendly catalyst that carries no maintenance cost, and continues to run without electricity or chemicals. Your Aqua Conditioner will soften hard water through modern alloy technology by coming in contact. In short, it neutralises the damaging effects of calcium and magnesium accumulation on your skin. 

Aqua Conditioners helps skin in the following ways: 

  1. Lets minerals glide off your skin

Soft water from an Aqua Conditioner carries a diluted form of hard water minerals. These minerals now lack the ability to stick to surfaces as they have been treated through the cutting-edge alloy technology. This reduced stickiness makes it simpler for them to glide off, keeping your skin’s surface area ready to absorb foam or lather. 

  1. Renew skin moisture levels

As the hard water minerals stop accumulating on your skin, they no longer cause irritation or interrupt natural skin processes. As a result, your skin can make use of its natural oils and be in a gentle state. It leaves space for your skin to absorb nourishment from products and routines designed to care for it. Soft water creates an environment for your skin to thrive to its full potential.

  1. Better foam absorption & skin wash

Hard water minerals reduce hugely in size as they pass an Aqua Conditioner. This size helps them mix well with water molecules. In turn, you can get a better skin wash from an increase in foaming and lathering ability. Conditioned water increases the ‘wetness’ or effectiveness of water. It can minimise or remove soap residue and keep your skin at its best. 

To better your skin, get an Aqua Conditioners system to better your water

After a purchase & straightforward installation, an Aqua Conditioner will improve your home’s water supply and keep it safe for people and animals. This applies across commercial and residential setups: think apartment complexes and houses, agricultural or industrial settings. All you need is an Aqua Conditioner model that fits your supply pipe. You can explore how to choose an Aqua Conditioner here.

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