How to Increase Chilling Plant Efficiency? Get rid of Limescale


Shri Sri Beverages Sumerpur, Pali-Rajasthan are processors of Ice and Packaged drinking water for which they run cooling towers.

The water quality in the area is such that there is inevitable scaling on surfaces that water makes in contact with. These scales directly affect the efficiency of their cooling towers.

The company was on the lookout for a solution when they came across Aqua Conditioners on the internet and got in touch with us. We helped them throughout the process. “We saw quick results and tangible benefits within weeks,” they said.

The beverage company documented their experience with our products over a period of one and a half months, starting from June 5 (date of installation) to July 10. During this time, they practically got rid of all the scale from their cooling pipes, algae in the water and around the tank.

Before Installation – June 05, 2017

Installed an Aqua Conditioner model AC220 (a.k.a Aqua Building Conditioner) on the pump supplying water to the cooling plant. At this time the cooling pipes looked brown! The pipes were covered in brown scales of about 5mm thickness. They also had severe algae problems in the water. Following pictures were taken before installation:


Colour of Pipes
Thickness of Scale

3 Weeks After – June 28, 2017

In barely three weeks, they noticed the scale had reduced to 1.5mm in thickness. Due to the reduction in scaling, they gradually started seeing the original metallic gray color of the pipes. Much to their surprise, the algae issues had also almost depleted.

Colour of Scale reduces
Thickness of Scale - 2mm

5 Weeks After – July 10, 2017

Almost the entire pipeline was now clean and back to its original color. The pipes were now metallic gray in color, as it had not been so in years. The scaling had reduced by around 80-90%. There were no more algae issues in the water.

Overall, they were extremely happy with the purchase. Mr. Gehlot, CEO of ShriSai Beverages, observed that when they had thick stubborn scaling, the cooling plant took longer cycles. Now that there is no scale, the efficiency has increased by more than two folds. Their experience with the product was so good that within two months from their date of first purchase, they contacted us again and installed another conditioner.
This time they installed it along with an open-well-submersible-pump and put it in the tank to form a re-Circulation system so that the water is continuously treated. They have not had tough scaling or any sort of algae problems, ever since.

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