Florists and growers face a common problem of making cut flowers last longer.

The challenge that nurseries face is making sure that the flowers stay fresh for as long as possible. It’s a prerequisite for their business to flourish.

Here are the solutions that come with installing Aqua Conditioners:

  • Hard water from a bore (well) has high surface tension. This inhibits water to be taken up into the plant stem and absorbed into the cell structure. Water supports the stems by holding them firm and straight. If it isn’t well absorbed, the plant gets dehydrated and wilts.
  • On the other hand, if hard water is treated with a non-chemical, non-electrical Aqua Conditioner, it becomes ‘softer’. This means that the surface tension of the water gets lowered significantly. This allows the water and minerals to be easily drawn up by the plant. Water provides support and minerals provide nourishment for the plant to survive longer.
  • Here’s a photo diary of a test carried out using water from a farm’s borewell. While one vase of roses was placed in borewell water with an Aqua Conditioners attached, another vase had straight, untreated bore water.

Step 1

The left container has conditioned water and the right container has untreated bore water. Notice the difference in color.

Step 2

Freshly cut roses are taken straight from the greenhouse and placed directly into the containers.

Left – Untreated Bore Water            Right – Aqua Conditioners treated water (TF)

Step 3 (After 7 Days)

The roses in untreated water on the left, are already wilting and shrivelling up, whereas the roses in the conditioned water are fresh and beautiful!


    Using irrigation water that is treated by an Aqua Conditioner unit

  • Enables all plant stock to experience full growth for maximum quality
  • Means the irrigation system will operate at full capacity without the inhibition of scale
  • Means the grower can lower his maintenance cost and increase his stock prices
  • Will reduce post-harvest care
  • Inhibit ‘bent neck’ in flower stems
  • Will lower stock losses

Heres a closer Look. You be the judge!

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